A Black Guy and A White Guy (no order) (seamusandjamal) wrote,
A Black Guy and A White Guy (no order)

Seamus, signing off.

It's been fun, and sometimes it hasn't, but it was authentic if anything else.
I really enjoyed UCF and Orlando, and all the things it afforded me, all the people I got to help, all those who helped me. I owe it to everyone to have made more of a formal departure; it just wasn't in me to stick around town much longer. Sometime this summer, when there's time for most all, there will be a chance to say "hey" one last time.

Until then, and beyond, enjoy all that you can. I've moved to justseamus, and my hopes are that it'll be updated fairly regularly, as this is ultimately a journal in whatever form. It's nice to see where you came from, and in turn where you're going.

Peace, and take care of yourselves-
Seamus O'Malley / Matt Shannon

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