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A Black Guy and A White Guy (no order)

Spatial Thought Processes

The subject of this entry refers to an internal process I've had for years, but it fades in and out. When brainstorming, or playing with Lego, or when I'm really engaged in sports, I get to that level of thinking where thoughts appears as rather elaborate shapes. I often draw what I see on the margins of my notes, but it's been a while since I've had them as vivid as they've been recently. Does anyone else have these times?

Here's an example of one.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Usually there's several hundred flying through, and they're all translucent, like lexan; a bit of thickness. Sometimes they lock in place and things keep moving. OH YEAH- there's no thoughts directly associated with them that I'm aware of, but when I have to brainstorm for a while, or am thinking about something, I'll look at it and this flashes through for a while and a whole bunch of words fly through, kind of like when John Cusack guesses the name of Catherine Keener's character 'Maxine' in Being John Malkovich

So whatever the case, it's been happening a whole lot lately, and the creative juices, so to speak, have been flowing utmost as of late. I probably completed 6 weeks of effort from my parents at the house this week, and I'm not mentally tired, but my body is showing the effects of too much wear and tear. Should have gone with Nicole to get a pedicure, but alas made no time for myself.

Speaking of those creative juices, I am going to be one of the top landscape architects and voices on environment design in 10-20 years, I guarantee it. At night, I've been eating books and research whole, and in the day I let my mind play with what is at hand. I am going to eat this program ALIVE.

I explained the tree of Ryoanji to my man Luis LDQ on St. Patrick's day - an image revealed that's perceived but not seen. You see, Ryoanji has 5 groups of 3 stones each, and you can never see more than 14 at any given time. You achieve Zen when you perceive the 15th stone, but that is perhaps ancillary to the key meditative revelation of the garden. As stated here-

I explained this with some corned beef fibers and pieces of cabbage. Imagine the stones are set in a field of wheat, and suddenly the stones turn to fire. Where the growing circle of fire grow into each other, that's where the lines would be. It's basically the most common intersection groups based on the number of stones within range - you can figure it out.

This is but one method; fractal regressions are now commonplace, as well as the already ubiquitous use of Φ (the golden ratio) are simply coming to light. It's something else. It's one thing to ape a current style, another thing to understand it, and yet another to appreciate it and move on to something else, using it as if it were as common as Archimede's Principle of displacement or any other really big/really small breakthrough. I hope to do that last one.

Anyway, I am going to Gainesville to meet up with qtandrea65 to make some final checks on housing arrangements, as she is possibly a roomate in this whole ordeal. That will be Thursday and Friday, and back in South Florida for Easter weekend with parents. Hoo-rah. Night.
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