A Black Guy and A White Guy (no order) (seamusandjamal) wrote,
A Black Guy and A White Guy (no order)

I never update with any sembelance of order nowadays.

Well, in South Florida for the week. Happy St. Patrick's day and may it find you delirious with the displaced blood of the Irish. I know it will for me, I've got about two pounds of brisket with my name on it being slow-cooked this very moment. A keg of Guiness, as well. ("A keg of Guiness? I've never even heard of such a thing; that's like saying, 'come to the feast, we're having Unicorn!'" - pikake) That's neither here nor there, however, because tonight's post is about the future.

While I have been patently unable to do much more than curl into a ball or other variations of the fetal position up until recently, such adverse times do not merit postin'. I've been down before, you've been down before - we've all been down before. Sometimes people are much, much, much further down than they'd ever want to be seen, so they go and hide.
But that's the past- In May, I will be in a new house, with new roomates, in a new field... (old car, clothes, and taste in food will be retained, however.) There are few things better appreciated right now than departure from the rails of monotony, where every mountain has been climbed to the point of erosion, and the general challenges of everyday life are more formidable than the pursuit of brain science or political office.

The Landscape Architecture program allows me to indulge my background in cognitive science by focusing on the affects of Visual Preference, spatial cognition, pattern recognition, and subconscious computing. Did you somehow know/feel that rock garden you're looking at is the logarithmic extrapolation of a fern branch? Does the clear air entering your lungs allow you expedited cognitive processes? Science is already cracking some of the oldest garden's mysteries, but it's now up to the those who can interpret the forecoming data and research into a way that may allow for the synthesis of new ideas. There can be another Ryoanji, we can model our environments in a way conducive to powerful new thought.

Furthermore, the immediate considerations of the water crisis must be considered. I can put theory to practice here, selling responsible landscape concepts to the planners of tomorrow. I'm a good talker, and I'm confident that I will become an authority on this topic in due time, a topic we might not all need to understand, but do need to appreciate. Landscapes occur any time sky and earth meet- it's not always about what's pleasing to the eye. Greywater research and green fertilizer are fields we already rely on today, but have yet to explore beyond limited application. As the pressure to adapt increases, so will our need to embrace restorative systems.

That's what I'm excited about right now folks, not new jobs, not having Henry Rollins, not concerning myself with what odd greeting Melanie will respond positively to or what anime Nicole is buying. I'm at peace with myself for a brief moment, and I'm going to enjoy it before I cock my legs back to go sprinting off into the world of several weeks from now. Perhaps, this post was really about the present after all.
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