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seamusandjamal's Journal

A Black Guy and A White Guy (no order)
29 February
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The radical collective known as Seamus and Jamal, heretofore referred to as S&J, have concluded their Mad Escapades be known and their subverse behavior analyzed. It is a confessional as well as a soapbox; a question and a statement. Such is the world of Seamus and Jamal.

A note to our readers: You are a valuable asset to the fanbase, my dear child, but you are but one...spread the word, much like monkeys spreading deadly viri across the plains of Africa, and from there, into the bloodstreams of thousands of adventurously foolish Americans, who will hide their disease in shame, but spread the plague all the while, until it has polluted the hearts of millions. This is our plan...this is our prophecy, and it shall be fulfilled...
Or not.
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