A Black Guy and A White Guy (no order) (seamusandjamal) wrote,
A Black Guy and A White Guy (no order)

Ozzy came to me in a dream.

Bonnie was there, beforehand. She was trying to tell me about something, but Ozzy was busy tilling a nearby field in a tractor, blasting "Hellraiser" and in process of literally sewing the seeds of destruction. Hellraise began to permeate the air, and Ozzy emerged from the tractor, ran back to a shed, donned massive tinfoil helmet that made him look like some weird space phallus, grabbed a two-pronged trident, and attacked a spot of land near the tractor. He let loose his weapon, and then fell on the area. Afterword, he stood up and "Symptom of the Universe" began emanating from his chest, and as he ran back to attack a completely uninteresting pile of dirt, my former boss Bill Ferrante walks up as we both try and get our camera phones ready to take some action shots of this nonsense. Ozzy sees us, and walks over to throw candy at us, from a distance of about eight feet. He gives us those big size Reese's Pieces, and then Milky Ways, and then those asian jelly candies that come in the little cups. He actually had a small cardboard box with atomic fireballs, more of the jelly candies, and a few other things, but his arms were tired from all of the running and trident throwing.
I wanted to bond with him, so I offered to eat some jellies. I said, "they feel like you're eating eyes!" - Ozzy stopped and thought for a moment about this, and replied, "I don't actually like eyes. That's ok, thanks though. Help me give the candy to everyone else, I don't need candy. I only need metal"

So, as I pick up a bucket of atomic fireballs, some lemonheads, and a handful of candies, I noticed officer ... officer guy whose name eludes me this very moment but used to date Megan so I stay away from him is giving me a ticket, and I drop the candy trying to show him I am making effective use of the loading/unloading area I'm parked in, but he shows me a list of infractions ranging from exprired tag to outstanding tickets to inoperative turning lamps and then I wake up from my dream.

I’m living on an endless road
Around the world for rock and roll
Sometimes it feels so tough
But I still ain’t had enough
I keep saying that it’s getting too much
But I know I’m a liar
Feeling all right in the noise and the light
But that’s what lights my fire

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